Punakaiki and the West Coast

Whether short day trips or roundtrips – you don’t have to go far from BIV Punakaiki. There is plenty to explore in the area, and there are hidden gems right on your doorstep.

Besides Punakaiki’s famous Pancake Rocks and Blowholes, you can explore spectacular subtropical rainforests, secluded beaches and beautiful river walks.


Pancake Rocks

The Pancake Rocks at Dolomite Point near Punakaiki are the West Coast’s most famous attraction. Over 30 million years old, the Pancake Rocks are eroded limestone cliffs where the sea bursts through vertical blowholes. The Pancake Rocks are a five-minute drive from BIV Punakaiki.

Truman Beach

One of the truly hidden gems of the West Coast, the Truman Track is an easy 10-minute walk that leads from the Great Coast Road through the rainforest to the beautiful, quiet Truman Beach.

Pororari River

An easy 1-hour walk, the Pororari River Walk takes you on a spectacular journey through rainforests, river gorges and limestone cliffs. The Pororari River is a three-minute drive from BIV Punakaiki.

Punakaiki Beach

The beautiful Punakaiki Beach is an easy 15-minute walk from BIV Punakaiki.

Paparoa Track

Opened in 2020, the Paparoa Track is the latest addition to the Great Walks of New Zealand. 55km in length, it traverses 55km of rainforests, dramatic alpine tops and karst landscapes and is the first of the ten Great Walks to accommodate both mountain bikers and trampers. The start point of the Paparoa Track is walking/biking distance from BIV Punakaiki.

Pancake Café

Only five minutes drive from BIV Punakaiki, the Pancake Café is the heart of Dolomite Point. Open from morning until evening, the Pancake Café offers great pancakes, pizza and coffee.

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